Squirrel Cage Swift

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 SQUIRREL CAGE SWIFT. Unwind skeins smoothly and easily from the rolling cages. No snags as sometimes happens with umbrella-type swifts. A long slot allows for multiple positions of the cages. Large knobs make it easy to change locations of the cages in the slot to accommodate various skein sizes. Great tool for anyone wanting to change skeins into balls, bobbins, cones, spools, etc. Also used by knitters who just knit from the hanging skein and let it unwind as they work. Specs: overall height 54", 41" from top of upper cage to bottom of lower cage when fully extended. Made of various hardwoods. Some assembly required. Ships in two cartons. Great Price:  $215 plus shipping.


We take pride in manufacturing Fricke Electric "EasyWind" Skein Winders, E-Spinner electric spinners, "Best Kept Secret" Spinning Wheels, Squirrel Cage Swift, and hand crank Skein Winders for the fiber and textile arts community. We continually strive to make superior equipment that you and other fiber and textile artists can use to assist in achieving those wonderful creations. Remember our Motto: You can always pay more but you can't buy any better.

Our MISSION STATEMENT has always been brief and to the point: To manufacture quality equipment at a reasonable and economical price for the end user.

We have over 34 years of experience in the fiber and textile arts industry. Our products have evolved over the years as the needs of these artists have changed. Our goal is for continuous improvement in the tools we offer. Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities.