CATALOG: Winding Equipment (Hand Crank Units) 

Ball Winder
Big Ball Winder-phase 2

            Fricke BIG BALL WINDER - PHASE TWO

Features of the Phase Two include: Cylinder, Pulley and Drive Disc have ball bearings for smooth and easy winding and cranking. Base is made of Sapele, a rich and nicely grained, reddish-brown African hardwood. The balance is made of a combination of hardwoods; all wood parts are sealed with tung oil. Yarn guide has large 5/8" loop to accommodate thicker yarns. The 3-arm knob provides ease of grip when cranking. Clamp can be used on either side of base for right or left-handed cranking and is long enough to secure to a work surface with a deep edge; bumper feet protect work surface; makes a very large center-pull ball. Dimensions: 14" L x 5" W x 9.5" H.  Economically priced: $119 +shipping.

Special Wood: Padauk

Big Ball Winder - PhaseTwo: Special Wood

This strikingly beautiful ball winder has the same features as our regular except the wood parts are made of a more exotic natural colored wood. The one pictured is made of Padauk, a gorgeous dark red/orange hardwood (sometimes with black striations) from tropical Africa or SE Asia. The wood is sealed with tung to bring out the natural color and grain.

Price: $149 plus shipping.

FRICKE SKEIN WINDERS    All of our skein winders have a MECHANICAL COUNTER. The counter will add one digit whenever it is triggered. You can wind your skeins clockwise or counter-clockwise - just remember to wind in only one direction for any skein to prevent inadvertently triggering the counter.


This is like the 2-yard hand crank floor model skeiner (see below) in size. It has the added feature of winding more skein sizes than just 2-yards. The pegs adjust so that the circumference of the skeins can measure from as small as 30" to as large as 76". The peg ends have a lip that allows for holding a large quantity of yarn. The mechanical COUNTER counts only once per revolution. Size of skein depends on where you locate the adjustable pegs. Skeins are easily removed by loosening one of the pegs to release the tension. Great flexibility for a variety of skein sizes. Made of ash and other hardwoods. This unit is $268 plus shipping.

2-Yard Floor Model

2-Yard Floor and Clamp-On Skein Winders

Floor Model is similar in height to most wheels. Hub is 30" from the floor. With one arm perpendicular to floor, the highest point of the arm is 43". Clamp-On model clamps to a table, chair, workbench, etc. Hub is 17.5" from its base. With one arm perpendicular to base, the highest point of the arm is 30.5". Made of ash and/or other hardwoods. The mechanical COUNTER is triggered once per each full revolution. When finished winding a skein, double the number on the counter for the total yardage of the skein.

Prices:  Floor Model (pictured left) is $162 plus shipping. Clamp-On Model is $151 plus shipping.

2-Yard Clamp-On
Original Heavy Duty Adjustable Skein Winder
Each arm is adjustable to make a skein from as small as 48" to as large as 72" (2-yards) in circumference. Hub is approximately 18" from the floor. With one arm perpendicular to floor, the highest point of the arm at full extension is approximatley 33" from the floor. The mechanical COUNTER is triggered once per each revolution. Total yardage depends on the positions of the adjustable arms. Made of a combination of hardwoods and sealed with tung oil.  GREAT PRICE:  $318 plus shipping.

Original Heavy Duty U-shaped Adjustable Arms